Technical Information

All exterior wooden doors are manufactured from standard and better Red Meranti. The standard size for all exterior doors is 2032mm x 813mm. AC Doors standard for beading is moulded not bevelled, unless specifically asked for.

The lock rail is set at 865mm from the bottom of each door. Special sizes and alternative timbers are available on request. Each door is finished to 44mm thick, unless otherwise specified.

Heavy bolection exterior doors will have a 32mm panel as apposed to 22mm panel which comes in all other doors. All exterior doors below 2100mm are guaranteed against warp, twist and bow as prescribed by SABS specifications, provided that all installation instructions are adhered to. Doors are not supplied with any hardware. Contact AC Doors if you would like to find out more information about our exterior wododen door services. Call us on 011 473 1393 or email us

B10 B6 C1P
B21 A21 B21HB
B3 B31 A21F
B8 B5 V21HB
COL1 COL2A B8 Carved
B8 Arched B4 / B4 Arched  

VS9 HS15 Herringbone Slatted
Diagonal Slatted B12 B5

D1 D2H D1P
D12P D6 / 6P D18P

B8 B8 Arched HS15
Framed and Ledged B21 D1 / AC
D4 / AC D9 / AC